Happy New Blog Year

As the Earth completes a revolution around the sun, pausing for a moment to catch its breath before embarking on another circuit through the cold, treacherous vacuum* of interplanetary space, it witnesses the birth** of a new blog - a blog brimming over with all the promise and anticipation of 2010 itself.

"Does the Earth really need another blog?" you may ask. "Doesn't it have enough reading to do already? What - with the explosion of blogs, websites and wikis on the Internet, not to mention old-fashioned print media: newspapers, magazines, and all those books sitting up there on the shelf? Is it not already difficult enough to give The Greatest Book*** the attention it deserves? Where will it find the time to fit in yet another on line journal from one more second-rate would-be author?”

Not to worry, my spherical friend, the scribblings offered here will be available in miniature bites, designed to be consumed quickly, so as to present minimal interference to all the important tasks that occupy your day. It will be my aim to provide thought-provoking posts; to inform; to edify; to challenge; occasionally to entertain and amuse. You may even find posts that enrage you, even as they impart nourishment to your mind.

Consider them healthy textual snacks; tasty, nutritious morsels to be savored in moderation between meals. And I'll throw in a piece of candy from time to time as well.

So, I invite you, Earth, take a break from your restless wanderings through the cosmos
****; fire up the Internet; point your browser to Scribbles In Bits, and enjoy.


* Not a true vacuum, but nearly so.

** Not a true physical birth. The term “birth” is used here metaphorically.

*** http://www.biblegateway.com/

**** Derived from the Greek “kosmos”, meaning “an orderly arrangement.”


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