There is an Alternate Universe Where...

Championed by eminent scientists, including Steven Hawking, the cutting-edge physics of M-theory postulates that the Universe in which we live is merely one among a vast number of Alternate Universes. Existing eternally, without beginning or end, tiny one-dimensional "Strings" vibrate and interact with each other within an eleven-dimensional space. It is this interaction of Strings that gave rise to the Big Bang and the subsequent development of our Universe.

But not ours only. Throughout time and space, a literally infinite number of Alter-verses have been spawned. Some of these are very much unlike our Universe, with physical laws and constants that differ from our own. For example, there are those universes (an infinite number of them, in fact) in which the speed of light is twice what it is in our Universe. In an infinite number of others, the speed of light is precisely 4½ mph, the pace of a brisk walk. In Alter-verses such as these, where a physical constant differs from ours by even a slight amount, life as we know it cannot exist.

Other Alter-verses are similar to ours in this respect or in that. And some (again, an infinite number) are exact replicas of ours; identical to ours in every way, with the same physical laws, the same number and placement of galaxies; containing an Earth whose geography, history, and population are indistinguishable from our own.

Somewhere in between the two extremes, there exist those universes which are nearly identical to ours, including an Earth that is much like ours, but with subtle differences: Humanity may have evolved a bit differently; having, for example, 24 pairs of chromosomes, rather than 23. There may be two moons, instead of one. History may have followed another path.

In an unlimited number of these Earths, history worked out exactly as it has here--with just one exception: Steven King has written no novels. Instead, he has written some of the most beloved songs of the Holiday Season. Here's a sample of his work:

"He seizes you when you're sleeping.
He won't let you awake.
He GLOWS if you've been bad or good;
So be armed for dear life's sake.

Oh, you better watch out;
You better not die.
Better get out;
I'm telling you why:

Santa Claws is coming to town!"